All international medium-sized businesses and large-scale enterprises …

You need a specialised multilingual and international experienced Interim Manager?
And you need him fast? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Take advantage from my know-how and book me as your


When You Need To Hire An Interim Manager!

When You Need To Hire An Interim Project Manager!

Your project or your team is in deep trouble, and you know if you don’t do anything about it, it will end in chaos and …
… You will lose money.
… You will lose your client.
… You will lose your credibility.

❌ Your customer expects you to nominate a certified project manager to prove that you are serious about his project. If you don’t present him one, he will not award you the contract.

❌ Your company lacks special knowledge, and you don’t have enough time to hire and train a new employee who has the …
Language skills
Transcultural competences
Hands-on experience

❌ You suddenly have to deal with a completely new project, and you don’t have anybody in your company who has ever managed a project. If you mess this up, …
Your company could go belly up.
… You might have to fire a huge number of staff.
… You could lose your job.

You have one of these burning issues in your company, and you need a solution fast?

I am
multilingualinternational experiencedPMI certified

and I can start working for you as an Interim Manager from tomorrow on.

When Hiring Me, This Is What You Get:

Certified PMP® Project Management Professional

More than three decades of experience in international project management, sales, R&D and general management

Working experience in 15 European countries plus UAE, China and South and Central America

🇩🇪 German (native)
🇫🇷 French (bilingual proficiency)
🇬🇧 English (full professional proficiency)
🇪🇸 Spanish (elementary proficiency)

🗸 Automotive
🗸 Defence
🗸 Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
🗸 Internet
🗸 Mass Production
🗸 Software
🗸 Aeronautics

… you’ve ever seen! I can start working within 1 day, once all contractual details have been clarified.

I can also work for you without you having to hire me full-time, without you having to provide me with an office, without you having to pay me travel expenses. As a virtual interim manager from the home office.


Christian Sachs - project management expert and global interim manager
Using my unique #DoLessBetter method coupled with transformational psychology, I help my clients by jumping in to save your vital projects, always focusing on impact and efficiency.

VIRTUAL Advantages:

When I work for you remotely, from my home-office, then …


My typical client has an international project or team, is ready to think outside the box and wants to #DoLessBetter. He needs perfect communication in German, French and/or English. He needs immediate support and is therefore ready to make fast decisions.

Call me if you’re ready to decide and experience the FASTEST Onboarding you’ve ever seen!

Don’t wait any longer and hire your multilingual global Interim Manager!

What‘s next?

I suggest that we get on the phone or a video conference, where you may ask any question you want.
And I will ask questions to better understand your company, your business and what you are all about.

Depending on your needs, I will then send you a tailor-made offer.

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Here are some answers to the questions we get most frequently…

In what language can I communicate with you?

You can choose to communicate in English, German or French for all direct communication with us.

What are the industry segments and company sizes you work for?

Interim management is needed in all industries or branches of trade.

My main focus lies in the industrial sectors of Automotive, Production and Software. My specialities are project management, sales, and engineering.

I have worked with small, medium-sized international companies as well as large-scale enterprises.

I can quickly adapt to all situations a find the best approach for your company.

What will we talk about in the first phone call or video conference?

First, you and I will get to know each other. The objective is to find out together if and how working together makes sense and will help your project and your company. And for sure, you can ask any question that comes to your mind.

How does the onboarding with a new client work?

In case we don’t know each other yet, we will schedule a video call.

Why video call?

Video call is unbeatably fast to schedule and easy to make. If you need a solution fast, then we must talk at the earliest possible date. This is feasible only by video call. Not to forget the advantage that we can see each other.

How does this work?

As soon as I got your request, I will email you with your invitation to a ZOOM meeting. If this is your first time joining a ZOOM meeting, you may be asked to open ZOOM client or the ZOOM installer package to join the meeting.

During this meeting, we will discuss your needs and answer all your questions.

I will then send you a tailor-made offer.

If needed, we can schedule further ZOOM meetings with you or members of your team.

As soon as you accept my offer, we can schedule the starting date. If need be, I can start working remotely the very next day.

If you need me on-site, we will find the fastest solution. Promised.

Are you ready to travel?

I’m ready to travel.

Please understand that I do not travel to areas of conflict and war zones.

Is interim management possible from home office?


I have experience in remote interim management. I have successfully managed customer projects and teams from home office during the COVID-19 pandemic from 2020 on.

Interim management from home office provides the following advantages for you:

  • immediate start is possible
  • part-time is possible, therefore cost reduction
  • saving on travel and accommodation costs
  • flexible working hours possible

Wouldn’t hiring a new employee be much better for us than booking an interim manager?

Can you afford not to book an interim manager to safe your project?

You know your team is in deep trouble, or it will get there if you don’t act NOW. Perhaps you could try to find and hire a new manager as a full-time employee. A process that easily can take 6 months or longer. And don’t forget, he or she will need training too before being really useful. And during all this time you can allow your problem simmering and creating trouble and cost while not been touched at all, not going forward? Really?

Isn’t hiring an interim manager terribly expensive?

At first glance some people consider the daily rate of an interim manager to be very expensive, but when having a closer look they find, that on the contrary they cannot afford not to hire one. How come?

The first thing to consider is the downside of not getting help solving that major issue or with this one important project. If you knew your team could handle it, you wouldn’t have come here, wouldn’t you?

So, the first part of the equation is to calculate the cost of not solving this problem or not doing this project. What would it cost you if it failed, or if it took 6 months longer? If this doesn’t matter, then you should consider just leaving things as they are.

The second thing people who bring me in value most is the amount of know-how, experience, skills, and the mindset they gain access to and that I share freely. And that is something you just cannot buy anywhere else.

What if I don’t have a project management system in place yet? Can I still book Christian?

Yes you can.

I am a certified Project Management Professional and I have extensive work experience in managing projects. I know exactly what I do. If your project is a single project, and you think you will never have a project later on, then I will manage the entire project until its success.

If from now on you think you will have further projects, then I can also consult you and set up a project management system that exactly fits your needs.

How much does it cost?

That depends. On the project and its duration, on the location, the amount of travel, on your business’s needs, on the way of working we agree upon and on the skills required.

You see that there are a lot of factors to consider and that’s why we need to schedule a call so that I can get a picture of your needs and can make you a tailor made offer.

Another question?

Is there still a question I didn’t answer yet? Please email me to